Decentralised Smart Grids and Energy Coin Blockchains

The Future of the Energy Industry.


We have made our best efforts to reach out to the policy-makers. We have reached out to the youth. 

It’s time all of us actively ascribe to a renewable energy framework!

It’s time for Anant Ujwala!

What are we solving?

Problem Statement

Energy is the driving force behind all human pursuits and has sustained the human race for long. Infact, if we have climbed to the present levels of efficiency, life quality and industrialisation, it is on the back of our ability to exploit energy resources. Electricity is the most important component of the energy equation. However, the energy & power sector is still haunted by some fundamental issues.


An era focused on the goal of leaving a better world for future generations is beginning. Our proposal has the potential to impact and single-handedly transform the energy sector.

Ownership, Transparency and Costs
Production of Electricity
Distribution of Energy
Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Our Team

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Krishit Arora

Krishit is a final year engineering undergraduate student, pursuing a major in Electrical & Electronics Engineering at VIT Vellore in India. He is a Robotics Enthusiast and likes to participate in hackathons. Being an Elon Musk fan, he appreciates the meaningful applications of Emerging Technologies to solve real-world problems. He likes to read, debate and play the flute and the guitar. He is extremely intrigued by the application of blockchain to the power distribution system and believes the idea will eventually revolutionise the industry.

Eshwar Agarwal

Eshwar Agarwal is a technology enthusiast currently working as an Analyst at Bain and Company, India. He recently completed his engineering in Information Technology from Delhi College of Engineering and is now part of the Young Leaders Program, Indian School of Business. His research interests include Artificial Intelligence and Fin-Tech and has published research papers in the field as well. He counts debating, reading and collecting antiques amongst his hobbies. Eshwar views blockchain as a technology that has the power to transform and democratize old, archaic systems.

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